Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark was a fun show to do props, I didn’t get to build much which was a bummer but what I did make is one of my favorite props of the summer. Geraldine, the sexy female switchblade used by the villain Roat. He had to throw the knife, so that meant there had to be three separate but identical knives. One that was a working switchblade with cardboard blade, one that was rigged in the wall to fling up to mimic the knife being thrown. The last one was made to stay open and be in Susy’s pocket for her to pull out during one of the black outs. The only photo I got of that one is the picture with fridge open. Also got to make some brass knuckles, but other then that the show was mostly interior props I pulled or bought.


  1. Your "Geraldine" looks spectacular! I'm directing this show for a second time this coming fall. We go up in mid-October. I'm a little nervous because the stage we use is extremely small, and this show really cries out for a larger stage. I'll just have to make adjustments I guess! If you were willing to sell your Geraldines, what would you charge? Just curious...!

  2. I love your "Geraldine". Our school is doing this play and is looking for a replica. Is there a way that I can contact you?